Thank you for helping us navigate the unknown territory of senior living. Your expertise and assistance was a lifeline for us. You equipped us to make the best decision for our parents, and not only that you negotiated savings that will help their money go further.


We moved Mom into River Highlands yesterday. The move went smoothly and she had a good first night. We can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help. River Highlands is a perfect fit for Mom. Your encouragement and helpful advice contributed greatly to the success of this transition. I’m so glad we got to meet you and enjoy your kind professionalism.

Thanks again,

Hi Everyone,

Update on my folks!! My father is not a lot better, but my mom seems to be getting better. Would love for them to come back (to the present) more! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!!! I’d like to thank Tim Meehan for helping me find a good place for them to stay together. I hope none of you ever have to go through this, but if you do, Tim is an awesome help in situations like this.

Thanks Tim!!!

Gilbert Nicholson here from Bluff Park...

I wanted to pause and send an email to tell you what an absolutely wonderful job Tim did helping us find a retirement community for my 95-year-old mother. He initially helped me whittle down the list of potential facilities based on the money we have available, then escorted me to tour three of them, one of which (Regency) we chose for my mother. He did a great job on every point, helping me ask questions and raising questions with the staff at each of these places I would never have thought to ask. His knowledge of retirement communities, the different levels of care and the nuances was superlative. But what really impressed me was after doing all that work last summer, and taking all those tours, my mother refused to go; however, when I finally got her to agree to go four months later, Tim didn’t hesitate a second to help me pick back up and restart the process, knowing he had swung and missed with us the first time. Of course, it worked out and she is going to Regency tomorrow, but he didn’t know that going in; but was still as friendly, helpful and professional, even though he knew she may balk a second time. That’s what really impresses me about him. He put the same energy and commitment into helping me not knowing how it would turn out. I can assure you if anyone asks for a recommendation, he will get it. Meanwhile, if you need a testimonial about his great work from me for an online forum, website or any other references y’all use, I’ll be glad to contribute.

Thanks and best regards...

Tim Meehan has been a tremendous help in placing my father for assisted living. He has a tremendous understanding for what is available at the different facilities and a great relationship with personnel at each of those. One of his best qualities is he genuinely cares about your situation and wants to place your loved one in the best fit for their need and budget.

Tim receives my highest endorsement.

I wanted to give a huge thanks to Tim Meehan for being so amazing in helping my in-laws find the care they need in the assisted living community. My father-in-law moved to Birmingham about four weeks ago and was in dire need of seeing a gerontologist. I immediately thought of Tim and he didn’t let me down. Due to his amazing relationships with the senior care medical community, Tim was able to make a phone call and line up an appointment to see a doctor the same day that my father-in-law arrived in town.

Later we needed Tim to arrange meetings with various assisted living facilities and within a few hours he had those appointments secured. He also accompanied us through the entire process. He showed us several properties in a two-day period and helped us make the best possible decision for their needs.

I can’t say enough good things about Tim Meehan and the service he provides. If you are in the process of looking for assisted living, I highly recommend Tim to help you with all your needs!

Recently my mom’s dementia became accelerated to the point we could no longer take care of her ourselves. We were completely overwhelmed and did not even know where to begin to find a solution.

Then we met Tim Meehan, and his calm understanding and knowledge put our frustrations to rest. He really impressed us with his helpfulness and kindness. Tim first assisted us by providing a caregiver to help our mom. After a while it became clear we needed to go to the next level. Again Tim came to the rescue and helped us find exactly the right fit for long-term care.

If you ever find yourself in our situation, I highly recommend that you work with Tim. His knowledge, patience and efforts go the extra mile. That will bring you much-needed peace and reassurance with a very uncertain life experience.

Dear Tim,

I am very grateful for all you did to bring about my move to Somerby. You went out of your way to meet with me, negotiate my right space so I could have room for my chapel, and used your previous connections to see that I could be able to make the move and live here comfortably. Your extra effort in getting me a good moving company and all the arrangements you made I deeply appreciate. May God bless and reward you.

Sincerely in Christ,


I want to thank you for your outstanding help in finding the perfect location for my son Matt. Family members are in stress and trauma when put in a situation of sending a loved one to the proper care facility.

Your experience and knowledge of the market was just the answer needed to solve a pressing situation for a loved family member. Also, you did not stop with your assistance after getting him placed, you have followed up and been helpful after your services were completed with his placement.

Thank you from me and all my family members.

Hi Tim,

I wanted to let you know that we got my mother settled at her new place. I truly appreciate your help in making this happen. When I started this process, I had no idea where to start. There are all kinds of questions about different facilities, cost, eligibility, etc., and it was overwhelming. When my friend recommended I call you, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was relieved when we spoke. Your knowledge and experience help me decide very quickly what our options were and as a result, we were able to make some decisions quickly.

This was an extremely stressful event for us and in particular, my mother. Not only was your information helpful, but your kindness and understanding throughout the process helped me tremendously. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate everything and if I can ever be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I appreciate your quick response to my call. I have been researching and calling for over four weeks to different assisted living and independent living facilities with no success. You found a wonderful place in ten minutes that fits my friend’s budget, and is better than we could have imagined. We will always be grateful and hope other people who have a loved one that needs a senior home will contact you for placement. Thank you again for finding a home for my friend where she can be happy in a safe and friendly environment that provides activities and the structure that she needs.

To whom it may concern:

Tim Meehan sold me and my wife on making our home at Somerby, a retirement community in Birmingham, Alabama. In the process, I got to know Tim quite well and became very impressed with his sales and marketing skills.

I am the former President of Raytheon Aircraft, a $2.3 billion producer of business jets and general aviation aircraft, employing 16,000 people. I came up through sales and marketing having earlier held various positions from salesman up to Senior Vice President of marketing and sales for both Cessna Aircraft Co. and Gulfstream Aircraft. Over the years I have hired and managed a lot of sales personnel. I know what skills and characteristics to look for and what makes a highly successful salesman. I saw all of these qualities and characteristics in Tim Meehan. He is an excellent salesman, with the ability and track record of a top performer.

I am most impressed with his ability to sell to people of all levels of sophistication and backgrounds. He is comfortable and effective selling to individuals ranging from retired CEOs and executives, like myself, to widows, and persons with past careers in the trades. He is immensely popular with the residents and the staff at Somerby. I was also impressed with his well tuned ability to sell in a "councilor" style; low key but steadily moving forward through the steps of the sale, handling objections well, and closing so smoothly I hardly realized it had happened: there was no pressure and I never felt rushed or pushed.

Tim also has management experience and could effectively lead a sales department. His personality, professional appearance, and presentation skills also make him effective in public relations, an area in which he also has had considerable experience. Were I still working, I would hire him on the spot for any sales, marketing, or sales management position. He also would make an excellent public relations manager.

He is that good!

Hi Monica!    Leigh, Dan's Mom and I just wanted to send a short note of what a wonderful Senior Placement Agent and great resource and advocate you were for our family during Dan's transition to Senior Care living.   It meant the world to us.  It definitely is a comfort to work with someone like you.  Your passion and devotion takes all the stress out of having to go through something like this.  Dan wanted me to thank you also for always checking on him even when he was in the hospital and your visit made him so happy.  There will always be a special place in our heart for your dedication and your determination to always go that extra mile to help others.  God Bless you...

I have found Monica to be very knowledgeable and compassionate when assisting senior citizens locating a retirement community to relocate when they desire to move from the home they own. She also works well with the children of senior adults when they are searching for a place to move their parents to. Anyone who has the privilege to work with Monica is very lucky to work with someone with her expertise 

We are more than grateful for you and Tim. If you two had not helped us Mom would not be at Brookdale...I might still be with her in New Hampshire with a minus 10 outside temp and in a snow drift! Tim was awesome...he hung in there and got her in. Tim was the only reason that they agreed to let Mom into South Haven...which then gave us an opportunity to get her into the psy unit at Princeton...with good meds and Tim, Brookdale opened up. Because Brookdale has a skilled nursing unit, we are confident that her needs will be met. Our med jet experience was flawless...I want to fly that way all the time.
Oops..getting teary again with gratitude.
Again thank you!


I am writing this well-earned and well-deserved testimonial to let the public know what an outstanding job and service Tim Meehan offers.

My story is this …  

I am largely responsible for the care of my 76 year-old first cousin, Don, who is more like a brother to me. After a recent fall in January, 2018, it became clear to those who love Don that his days of living alone and left to his own devices were over. The fall injured him greatly, necessitating a complete right shoulder replacement. Following his time in the hospital, he was sent to Aspire Rehabilitation Center in Hoover. It was there that I began to seek options for him to move to an assisted-living or independent-living facility. The social worker there, Leanne Turman gave me Tim’s card, recommended him highly, and I contacted him shortly thereafter. I notified him of Don’s situation, his age, income, and other indicative information that I thought he might need to help Don find a place to live. Tim went to Aspire, introduced himself and stated his mission, and Don immediately liked and trusted him. Shortly after Don’s release from Aspire, we visited Greenbrier at the Altamont, thanks to Tim’s efforts and laying the groundwork for us. Don liked it quite a lot, and happily, we moved him in February, about six weeks after his fall.  We are very happy with the outcome. My cousin moved from an isolated, lonely existence to one where he is surrounded by people and activities, and it would not have happened were it not for Tim’s efforts. I’ve told Tim that what he does seems to be as much a Christian mission as it is a job, and I truly believe that. If there is one thing I could recommend to Tim is that he publicize his services more. Had I known about the great work he does, I’d have contacted him long before to improve Don’s living situation. As it is, he did a great job, and I recommend him very highly.

If you have any questions or want to talk with me personally, Tim has my permission to give you my contact information, and I’ll be happy to discuss our experiences further.

Thank you,

I have had Tim Meehan help place my mother and sister! The experience was awesome with him helping me at a time I was emotionally upset. He makes you feel like you are family and not just a client!

Tim has the skill set that makes his ability to work with older adults priceless. The way he talks to me and my mother gives us the knowledge we needed in a gentle and compassionate manner. He took the time to answer our questions several times over“In addition, his easy going attitude was so pleasant to be around.

We had a very small window of time to find a facility that was right for our mother and working with Tim we were able to meet our deadline. Tim helped carry the burden by contacting and setting up appointments at facilities. What we appreciated even more was his presence at our visits which helped us understand all the information we were hearing.

We highly recommend Tim and his team to help you find the best fit for your parent or family member.

My wife and I were faced with moving my parents from abusive facility and we really needed some help.  A friend recommended Tim Mehan. Tim knew all the facilities, the administrators and helped explain what each choice meant. What an amazing man. He was selfless and made himself available to us day and night. His knowledge of the industry is amazing and he found our solution right away. We would have never found the perfect place for Mom & Dad had it not been for Tim.  He listens, he cares and he's patient.

Thank you and God Bless You Tim.

Hi Tim - just wanted to let you know that Monica, again has been a great help for my mother. My mom had some troubles a couple of weeks ago, had fallen, and had to leave assisted living and had to go to long-term care (nursing home) at South Haven. Her dementia had increased as well as her mobility. After rehab at lakeshore, she was admitted to South Haven. Christie at South Haven said you have some frame of referrence there, perhaps? Anyway, thanks to you, and especially, Monica.

Y'all are the best!

Tim! Thank you so much for working with my family and helping our parents! My family kept me updated through John on everything. You trully did a great job.Last Sunday afternoon John took me to the Oaks for a quick visit. I was so happy to see Mom & Dad! The place is very nice including their room, and all the people we met! 

I am doing better and just want to say thank you! Take care and be careful in this heat. 

"Tim has the skill set that makes his ability to work with older adults priceless. The way he talks to me and my mother gives us the knowledge we needed in a gentle and compassionate manner. He took the time to answer our questions several times over."

"In addtion, his easy going attitude was so pleasant to be around."